Digitalization of daily operations is the first step of DX. CELF is a powerful tool that can transform your insufficient, error-prone Excel files into Excel-like business applications.

Many departments use Excel to collect and aggregate data. Skilled employees often enhance Excel files with macros, but this makes transferring work to others more difficult, as only the original creator understands the macro best. CELF is an affordable cloud service that allows you to create business applications while maintaining an Excel-like look and feel, without any coding.

(*) CELF is a cloud service that SCSK has developed and operates.


No-Code Development Tool: CELF

Much like stacking building blocks, Excel-like applications can be created by simply dragging and dropping components. Applications can also be created instantly from existing Excel files. Through these applications, information can be collected and aggregated without any errors or additional manual work.


RPA Option

Use a fixed search condition, extract data, and upload it to another system… Are you tired of doing these same repetitive tasks every single day? With CELF RPA, routine work can be automated without any programming knowledge at an affordable price!


Use Case: Data aggregation at HQ

At HQ, staff often spend hours on data aggregation and analysis. From collecting Excel files from subsidiary companies to aggregating data using macros, there are inefficiencies hiding in every step.
However, by developing a business application using CELF, data aggregation is automated, improving data quality. This way, staff can spend their time on more valuable tasks.



Don’t have enough manpower to develop CELF applications? No problem! We provide CELF implementation support, including data integration with other systems.
We also help our clients embark on a voyage of data-driven management based on data integration in CELF.



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