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What is public cloud service?

Public cloud is a service based cloud computing model in which a service provider makes resources available over the internet. Public Cloud services are available to enterprises and organizations without the need for any hardware or software to be in place.

What is public cloud service?

The benefits and risks of public cloud service

The benefits of using public cloud are "simple and affordable IT" and its "flexibility". The pay-as-you-go model allows immediate access with almost zero installation costs. Increases or decreases in required usage can easily be implemented to suit the customer's needs. Public cloud providers provide regular software maintenance e.g. software updates and upgrades therefore lessening the burden and cost of IT operations. In addition, space that was previously used for IT equipment can be put to other uses.

Then risks associated with the Pubic Cloud are the challenge of maintaining high security and control. In the event of a disaster, it will take a while before the user can fully understand the situation as they have to wait for contact from the cloud provider. The sharing of resources by multiple users presents a security and compliance risk. In June 2015 the Center for Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC) released a revision of its security guidelines, encouraging financial institutions to use the Cloud. This has resulted in an increase in the number of financial institutions that are either using the Public cloud or considering doing so.

Key point for using the cloud.

Selecting which areas of systems can be moved to the cloud.

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